Cangas de Onís Hostel

Welcome to your home! Please, come inside and relax!

The first thing you should know is that before being a hostel, I was the village school. Here withing my walls, studied most of the residents that now live quietly in the village.

La Riera is a small village located only 6km from Cangas de Onis, well-known as a tourist center and gateway to the Picos de Europa National Park. In addition to its historical importance during the period of the Reconquista, Cangas de Onis was the capital of the Kingdom of Asturias in the 8th Century.

The Hostel is located in the town square, surrounded by nature and by the river Covadonga. For this reason it is a place of peace and tranquility where one can relax and enjoy.

Look carefully and you will be able to see deer eating grass in the spring, millions of raptors descending through the valley at high speed hunting their preys in the summer, squirrels collecting nuts in autumn, and a beautiful white-covered mountains landscape in winter.

I could spend hours talking about the magic of the place, but we´ll have more time later.
Come in as a guest and leave as a friend!